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Interior Design Software

Client: Modsy

Modsy Pro gives interior designers access to cutting-edge design technology that makes your job easier. Launching soon, this will quickly become your all-in-one design tool! Enable your clients to capture their space in 30 seconds with Modsy’s proprietary, industry-first “effortless measurement technology.” 

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Client: 12FIFTEEN Diamonds

Whether you call them lab grown diamonds, lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds or man made diamonds, they’re all one and the same. Lab grown diamonds are carbon diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory, much like flowers grown in a greenhouse. Explore our collection of affordable lab grown diamonds and find out why they are in every way better than earth mined diamonds.

Changing Business Banks

Client: Relay Financial

As a business owner, switching to a new banking service can feel tedious—after all, there are much bigger tasks on your plate. Read on to learn if now’s the right time to change business banks, the advantages of doing so and the simple steps you can take to make the switch. 

110+ Icebreaker Questions

Client: Asana

How much do you know about your team members? Whether you want to start with some icebreaker games to get to know your new team members, some quirky questions to heighten your teamwork, or some team-building activities to connect with your remote team, try the best 110+ icebreaker questions to encourage team building.

Sustainable Jewelry

Client: 12FIFTEEN Diamonds

By now, you’ve likely heard of the negative environmental impact the mined diamond market has on the world. Now, it’s more important than ever to make wise purchasing decisions. That starts with the daily accessories you wear. Read on to learn everything you need to know about sustainable jewelry. 

Digital Banks vs. Traditional Banks

Client: Relay Financial

Where you bank has an enormous impact on your business (not to mention your day-to-day). And one of the biggest choices you’ll make will be whether to use a digital bank or a traditional, brick-and-mortar bank. Let’s take a close look at why you might choose a neobank vs. a traditional bank, and how it could impact your business.

What Is an Eternity Ring?

Client: Diamond Nexus

Symbolism, flashy style, and versatility are just some of the unique features of an eternity ring. From a diamond eternity band to a lab-created diamond simulant anniversary gift, an eternity ring is the perfect choice for any special occasion. Not to mention their glam style will elevate your everyday look. 

About Remote Collaboration

Client: Asana

When you can’t book a conference room with a whiteboard, tap someone on the shoulder for a quick chat, or brainstorm together over lunch, how can you effectively collaborate with your team?  In this guide, we’ve detailed the most important elements of remote collaboration, plus outlined four ways you can improve collaboration within your team. 

About Electric Vehicles

Client: Diepholz Auto

Electric cars, also known as electric vehicles (EVs), are fully electric and rely on batteries for their power. Before gearing up to buy an EV, understand how electric cars work and the top reasons to choose an all-electric vehicle. Discover why EVs are a mile ahead of the rest and read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about electric cars

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Lindsey's work is high quality and provides tons of value—and she really gets the brand feel our clients want to represent with their copy. Additionally, her SEO strategy and experience is incredible. Beyond doing stellar work, Lindsey is also an incredible collaborator who is fun to be with!
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